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Who has the best healthcare in the world


But according to a recent survey, there are places overseas where retirees can enjoy excellent-quality healthcare—as good if not better than what they expect in the US for pennies on the dollar. Stevens discussed with Fox Business the top 5 countries International Living recommends for retirees when it comes to healthcare overseas — and why:.

The Best Health Care System...

In Costa Rica, modern, state-of-the-art healthcare is available almost everywhere. As a result, many expats use the public system as a failsafe—and then pay out of pocket to physicians in the private system for regular visits, second-opinion consultations, dental work, and so on.

New Zealand's Best Health Care...

Many of the hospitals in Kuala Lumpur and Penang are Joint Commission International accredited, meaning that they are considered to meet the global gold standard in healthcare. That is better than Canada at 30 and the U. The care is top notch and the price is a small fraction of what it would add up to in the U. Private health insurance is an option for people under the age of 60 as a supplemental plan Who has the Who has the best healthcare in the world healthcare in the world the EPS public coverage.

But many expats simply choose to pay for care out-of-pocket. Prices for procedures, office visits, and medications are much lower than in the U.

In Mexico, every medium to large city has at least one first-rate hospital. Most doctors and dentists in Mexico received at least part of their training in the U.

Many doctors routinely Who has the best healthcare in the world house-calls Who has the best healthcare in the world phone you to inquire about your health, after treatment.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the countries that...

In fact, many pharmacy chains provide a free physician whose office is attached to the pharmacy. Simply walk in and pay nothing for a consultation. And most medications do not require a prescription. Panama provides good quality, affordable healthcare with clinics and hospitals tactically located in hubs across the country.

Major facilities in Panama City are all affiliated with sister facilities in the U. Features Luxury Business Leaders. Facebook Twitter Comments Print. Click the button below to Who has the best healthcare in the world on this article.

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