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Sexual health benefits of watermelon seed


You may think these little black beauties are Sexual health benefits of watermelon seed good for seed-spitting contests. But what you may not have heard yet is that watermelon seeds pack BIG health benefits. You can eat them. Here are the top 8 health benefits of this delicious and fascinating little seed.

Problems extending from insufficient magnesium can include: It helps regulate muscle and nerve function, has a hand in protein synthesis, and Sexual health benefits of watermelon seed blood sugar levels.

It also helps DNA reproduce in a healthy way, so new cells function correctly. Magnesium supplements are easy to find, but experts recommend natural sources of magnesium whenever possible.

Watermelon seeds contain both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. According to the Mayo Clinic: With an ever-increasing focus on processed foods, Americans rely more and more high-processed carb, low-protein meals.

The average adult requires 0. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, or individuals experiencing other bodily changes may also have higher than average protein needs. A half-cup of watermelon seeds provides 15 grams of protein.

Added to a breakfast such as yogurt or scrambled eggs, or munched on during movie time at home, watermelon seeds can close your protein gap. HGH is also used in anti-aging skin care products and supplements. They deliver a naturally-occurring dose of arginine that can help you look and function better. Arginine also speeds wound healing, boosts the immune Sexual health benefits of watermelon seed, and may help protect the heart from disease, according to studies.

According to nutrition analysis, watermelon seeds contain folatea B-vitamin responsible for a number of bodily functions. These functions include the formation of blood cells and bone marrow, conversion of carbohydrates to give you energy, and preventing birth defects. In fact, folic acid is currently recommended for pregnant mothers to help prevent neural tube defects in unborn children. If Mom-to-be is having trouble getting her quota from foods, prenatal vitamins including folic acid will usually be prescribed.

Taking in Sexual health benefits of watermelon seed folate through a typical U. By looking into foods they may not have thought of before, such as watermelon seeds, better health is Sexual health benefits of watermelon seed reach for children and adults alike.

Studies performed in indicate a constituent of watermelon seeds, fruit, and rind may be an answer to some forms of erectile dysfunction.

While watermelon is 92 percent...

This sexual issue is suffered by 18 million men in the U. Patel, citrulline is converted into arginine, a precursor for nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels. Detractors to the theory claim most people get enough arginine in their daily diets, but Dr.

Watermelon's Viagra-Like Effects. On hearing...

Patel remains firm to his study results and their potential applications. More research will be done in the future but, in the meantime, eating watermelon is a generally harmless way to increase necessary amino acids. Vitamin Sexual health benefits of watermelon seed is a category of nutrients essential to a variety of bodily functions and good health. According to nutritional data sources, one cup Sexual health benefits of watermelon seed watermelon seeds contains nearly 8mg of iron.

Iron helps your body produce red blood cells. If you suspect low iron anemiasee your doctor. For individuals who do not have or suspect an iron deficiency, however, snacking on watermelon seeds can be a great way to get your daily iron so you feel strong and alert.

Here are some facts about watermelon seeds and how you can make them a fun, snackable part of your nutrition plan. It feels cool, particularly if cubed and chilled in advance of serving. Watermelon grows on vines up to 10 feet long, and it ripens in early through late summer.

It needs lots of sun, very warm to hot temperatures, and Sexual health benefits of watermelon seed of water to grow well. Researchers believe watermelon originated in southern Africa as a wild plant. It was later cultivated in Egypt and, eventually, all around the world. Watermelon comes in quite a few varieties but, for consumer use, tends to fall under one of four types: Actually, particularly in the Asia and the Middle East, some varieties of watermelon seeds have been eaten for centuries.

You may have heard all kinds of myths about eating watermelon seeds, and an accidental bite probably yielded a somewhat more bitter taste than Sexual health benefits of watermelon seed typically like. Experts say eating watermelon seeds is safe for most people. If you have diverticulosis, ask your doctor before eating seeds or nuts. Watermelon seeds make a great snack. Eat to your taste, but either way, roast them first for Sexual health benefits of watermelon seed best flavor.

There are about calories in one ounce of watermelon seeds. An ounce constitutes quite a few seeds, Sexual health benefits of watermelon seed. In portion-controlled amounts, watermelon seeds a great low-calorie snack.

Surprising benefits of Watermelon seeds

A one-ounce 28g serving also contains 4g carbohydrates, 8g protein, and 13g fat. The nutritional benefits of watermelon seeds are staggering! Why does this happen? As they grow, they turn darker and gain their characteristic hard shell. Interestingly, there is some disagreement in professional circles as to whether watermelon Sexual health benefits of watermelon seed a fruit or a vegetable.

Watermelon is part of a family of plants that includes gourds and is typically grown in the way vegetables areexperts say. But others particularly botanists say the reproductive mechanisms Sexual health benefits of watermelon seed the watermelon make it a fruit.

Sexual health benefits of watermelon seed it is, slice it and enjoy — and save those seeds to roast later on! According to seed and garden resource burpee. This spot is white at first, then turns yellow when the watermelon is ready to pick and eat.

Or you can try the old-fashioned way: Ripe watermelons make a dull, somewhat metallic sound when thumped with two fingers. Ripe watermelon not only tastes better, it will have more mature, Sexual health benefits of watermelon seed seeds, making this process a win-win for you.

With their health-boosting nature and portable small size, watermelon seeds are the ideal snack during the summer or any time. Store in tightly sealed plastic bags; refrigerate. Sexual health benefits of watermelon seed different varieties to discover which suit your tastes, and try sprinkling with different flavorings for seasonal kick.

How to eat watermelon seeds?

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