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Mature redhead in green


Basically, this is when the main outfit of a redhead or auburn-haired character is at least mostly green. Bonus points if the character in question Mature redhead in green nature-themed abilities. The trope comes from a long-standing tradition among fashionistas that red hair contrasts best against green or blue attire, which Mature redhead in green one reason Mature redhead in green are encouraged to wear green to make a striking visual appearance.

See Significant Green-Eyed Redhead for a similar theme. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. The current spokeswomen for Wendy's, the real Wendy the hamburger chain was named after and a representative of the girl on the logo, are both vibrant redheads who frequently wear green. Lucky, the leprechaun mascot for Lucky Charms cereal, dresses all in green and has red hair clearly visible under his hat. Kakyoin, from JoJo's Bizarre Adventurewears a green school uniform.

Basically, this is when the...

Combined with his pinkish-red hair, it makes him have the colour palette of a Mature redhead in green. Misaki from K wore a long-sleeved green shirt in his younger days. Now he wears green cargo pants. The one "fancy" civilian outfit Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion wears on her offscreen "Date" is entirely green in about 3 shades.

Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon has a variation of this.

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Altough Makoto's hair color is inconsistent in the manga of Sailor MoonMature redhead in green it ranges from brown to auburn to pink and even blond in some illustrations, in Sailor Moon Crystal her hair is definitely pink and her outfit is green. From Shadow SkillKyou Ryu. Kurama from YuYu Hakusho loves Mature redhead in green trope. He has long, bright red hair, and large green eyes. In some instances, he is seen wearing an olive green Chinese outfit.

Those bonus points may also be rewarded—he is a master at controlling plants.

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Popular interpretation of the villainess Poison Ivy. Her primary clothing is green, and her skin color has also become green in some depictions, but she is always a red head.

The hair varies, but it frequently comes back to red to complement that green Riddler suit. Maxima, Superman 's adversary and would-be mate, had bright red hair and a predominantly green outfit.

In the Justice Society of Americaredhead Cyclone's outfit is predominately green. Miss Martian of the Teen Titans has red hair, but doesn't wear green. Instead, her skin itself is green! It's actually white, but she passes herself as a green martian instead of a white martian.

Mera, Queen of Atlantis and longtime love interest of Aquaman. Banshee and Siryn wear costumes that combine green with yellow and black. Auburn-haired Rogue is also usually dressed at least partially in green. Hope and Rachel Summersboth redheads And one is an alternate future daughter of Jean wear green, although Rachel generally prefers to wear red. Jackpot wore a green and white costume with red hair Mature redhead in green a wig. She later changed the costume to one with a red-black color scheme, though.

Norman Osborn has red hair, although his costume hides it. Gen13 's Caitlin Fairchild has passed through numerous incarnations and numerous costumes; every one of them has been mostly green. Redhead Jack Russell really likes Mature redhead in green green pants. Taken up to eleven during the full moon when depending on the artist he Mature redhead in green into a red-furred werewolf and his green, ripped-up pants are all that Mature redhead in green of his clothing.

The Mature redhead in green Years when the male X-Men see the key-lime green bridesmaid dress Sarah Grey chose for her red-haired little Mature redhead in green and unanimously declare Jean Grey Mature redhead in green look horrible on it. Disney 's incarnation of Peter Pan has red hair, and wears a Mature redhead in green outfit intended to invoke leaves. Likewise with Robin Hood. Any iteration of Robin Hood is bound to wear the iconic Lincoln green, which — combined with Disney's choice to adapt Mature redhead in green character as an anthropomorphic fox in a World of Funny Animals — leads to this trope.

Taran from The Black Cauldron. Ariel from The Little Mermaid has a green mermaid tail in contrast with her bright red hair. Mature redhead in green was actually one of the reasons the directors of the film decided to make her into a redhead in the first place. Quasimodo from The Mature redhead in green of Notre Dame. Mature redhead in green Mature redhead in green Frozen has strawberry-blonde hair, and most of the dresses in her wardrobe are made of shades of green.

The only exception is actually her Mature redhead in green iconic outfit, her traveling clothes, which are blue and magenta. Zootopia Mature redhead in green Nick Wilde is a red fox who wears Mature redhead in green green shirt for the majority of the movie.

Scottish rather than Irish, but still a Celtic background. Danny from Cats Don't Dance. The fact that, at the end of the first movieshe becomes an ogress permanently and gains green skin as well doesn't help matters. Roxanne from A Goofy Movie wears a turquoise shirt as part of Mature redhead in green default clothing. A straighter example occurs in the sequel, with Sylvia Marpole and her bright green disco outfit. Spink, whose hair is turning a faded pink and always wears an emerald dressing gown.

All of the posters of her and Ms. Forcible as a young woman and her Other-self show her with bright red hair and a green outfit. Layla in Sky Highfitting with her plant-control powers.

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Winifred from Hocus Pocus wears a long green dress to contrast with her red hair. Tauriel from The Hobbitis a very significant example of this trope.

Bombur the dwarf has red hair and beard, and is clad in green.

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Drop Dead Fred has the eponymous Fred in an almost entirely green wardrobe. Her red hair is usually covered by her nun's habit but in the flashbacks we see it loose and free, covered by a green scarf in one Christmas scene. In another she's wearing a pale green evening gown as her Mature redhead in green redhead in green presents her with a pair of emerald earrings.

Mature redhead in green Mature redhead in green green dresses a lot. She is also depicted like this on the cover of the book. Heinlein is a big fan of redheads in his stories, and often has them in green outfits.

This is taken to its limit in The Number of the Beastwhere a spaceship with multiple red-headed crewmembers is mentioned as devoting a significant portion of its Mature redhead in green capacity to their many, many green outfits. Vera in My Sweet Audrina returns to Whitefern in a glamorous and expensive looking green dress, ready to ruin everything for Audrina. Mature redhead in green from ghostgirl is first described Mature Mature redhead in green in green "a girl sporting long, curly orange-red locks and a bright Kelly green majorette outfit".

Ditto for Rachel Reilly from Season Joan from Mad Men is a redhead, and it's almost even money in any given episode that she will be wearing green. Endora from Bewitched usually wore a green cloak or dress.

One is featured on the cover of Finnish gothic metal band Poisonblack's Escapexstacy. Eva Mariea Dark-Skinned Redheadoccasionally has a green ring outfit. She was also featured wearing green in a promo for Total Divas. Becky Lynch dyed her hair red and came out entirely in a green costume to go with her initial Oireland gimmick. When Mature redhead in green changed tack to a Steam Punk inspired look, she still had a few green outfits and favoured green eyeshadow.

Bowser has fiery red hair and a green-hued head and shell. Green is also one of his representative colors. The same goes for his son, Bowser Jr. Mature redhead in green though she isn't dressed prominently in green, Princess Daisy has a fondness for green jewelry. Taking it very literally with Petey Piranha.

He is a Mature redhead in green monster with a red-colored head, while the rest of his skin is green. However, the only piece of clothing he wears is a pair of red underwear, so this isn't a very straight example. In addition her leather jacket and pants are also tinted a dark green. Rosa Blackwell from The Blackwell Series Mature redhead in green a redhead that usually wears green or cyan.

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglassis also Mature redhead in green — he wears clothes that look just like Link's usual green ensemble and has red hair and a beard. Groose from Mature redhead in green Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is a redhead who wears green. Ganondorf is an Evil Redhead whose skin is frequently depicted as green. Valanice in some of her appearances Mature redhead in green King's Quest. Kaeli from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Lady Priscilla from Fire Emblem Elibe.

Axel from Crazy Taxi is an inversion. Terra from Mature redhead in green Fantasy VI is an inversion. Sofia Sartor from Assassin's Creed: Hong Meiling and Rin Kaenbyou from Touhou.

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