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Two managers dating


Practically Speaking is a weekly column that addresses your most pressing business dilemmas. The advice is the opinion of long-time business owner Gene Marks. Send your questions to PracticallySpeaking fortune. I Two managers dating found out that my VP of s ales is Two managers dating a romantic relationship with my VP of fi nance.

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Two managers dating are part of my senior management team. Should I be and what should I do? This is not an easy situation. Except, it kind of is.

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That kind of relationship could lead Two managers dating favoritism and cause friction with other employees. When this occurs, a policy could be that one of the participants in the relationship must switch professional roles or jobs in the company or, in some cases, leave the company altogether.

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But two senior executives? Even if one is not reporting to the other, there could be overlap in their responsibilities. If decisions are made within a group, it can make your other senior managers uncomfortable. Of Two managers dating, you would expect that no outward signs of Two managers dating are being shown in the office but the bottom line is the relationship could Two managers dating very uncomfortable for everyone.

In any case, before making any draconian moves that could mean the departure of a valuable employee, I would recommend meeting with the involved employees and laying out your feelings. Tell them you may have to make changes if, over a period of time, their relationship is Two managers dating an effect on how the company is Two managers dating. In his email Two managers dating I noticed that he lists his office number and his mobile number.

Is it appropriate for me to do so? Do it during working hours. You have a life to live, too. By Gene Marks June 13,

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