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Are we friends or dating quiz


Yes, I think Are we friends or dating quiz. At the girl sitting next to me. Straight into my eyes. None of the above. We have group talks Either of us; it's equal.


Academic aspects of school. Everything, including personal information. Social aspects of school. He has touched me Are we friends or dating quiz the hand, shoulder, arm, etc. We do not touch. He has kissed me. He has hugged me. I'd have to ask my parents". I'll pick you up at 7". Yes, and they are happy together. No, but I'm aware he likes another girl. Yes, but they are breaking up. Yes, in a friendly manner. Yes, and it's often mean.

Have you ever gone anywhere together excluding large Are we friends or dating quiz activities, such as school concerts, youth groups, etc. I haven't had the chance, as we only recently met. No, we actually dislike each other. I don't know his friends. Yes, with a smile and a wave.

Yes, all the time. Yes, a few times. He laughs at me. I don't like it. You have the possibility to design the text. I liked reading your true story-- It was really sweet. Don't expect much from my advice, though, because this is coming from a fifth grader xD. I think he's once liked me, but something happened. I always deny that I like him, because. I don't want another heartbreak.

Are we friends or dating quiz flirts with me sometimes and his friends joke about us all the time what does this mean, am I friend zoned if so Are we friends or dating quiz I get out of it. We keep texting and calling but he says he only see me as a friend? What does this mean.

I think he likes me but he keeps telling me he doesnt want to start a relationship since he became so heart broken a year ago. Honestly I actually think this is old because what in the world is MySpace is that like a social media app or something well honestly Are we friends or dating quiz have no clue. I feel the same way you do but all you have to do is Are we friends or dating quiz him that you like him.

I mean I'm only 12 going on 13 and don't have much experience but I've gotten my friends to do it many times. It's not that hard trust me. Plus I've done it myself, and he said yes.


Don't be so scared that he's Are we friends or dating quiz go away, Just savor your time with him. I don't know if anyone will ever read this, but I feel like I just have to get this out somehow and for some reason it felt like a good idea to share my story here, especially since so many other people have been doing it as well.

I am a freshman in College this year and I joined kendo club it's a Japanese martial art involving a sword with a friend. Through this club I've met a lot of cool people, but there's this one guy in particular who really caught my attention, let's call him Jay.

Jay is a senior and he's really nice and incredibly easy to talk to, and through club we've become quite close. He teases me Are we friends or dating quiz the time in the friendly kind of way and we talk a lot over facebook messenger. Every time our team goes out to eat off campus as Are we friends or dating quiz, he offers to drive me in Are we friends or dating quiz car so that we can hang out more.

Additionally, Are we friends or dating quiz one long weekend that I went home, he picked me up from the train station Are we friends or dating quiz gave me a ride back even though it's a minute drive away. He's really cute and I've really started to like him but I just Are we friends or dating quiz know what to do. I think he likes me but he might also just want to be my friend. My friends in the club all ship us and say that he probably likes me but Idk man.

Some other members of the club have also brought it up independently as well but I'm really not sure about it, as it could be friendship he's offering. Some reasons why they think that Jay likes me are: This past weekend we had a tournament and he wasn't feeling to great so he was hanging out by himself with headphones in. He actively tries to talk to me at other times. One time a group of us were going out to eat and he was driving me and another Are we friends or dating quiz. He picked her up first and apparently they just kind of listened to music and sat in silence until they picked me up and then he turned the music down and started trying to talk.

I was also sitting in the backseat and he kept making eye contact with me in the rearview mirror, whereas when she tried to start conversation with him he just stared at the road and didn't move his Are Are we friends or dating quiz friends or dating quiz. He invites me out to eat with him a fair amount and sometimes he even offers to pay for my food I think it's because he has dining dollars at these places whereas I only have meal swipes, a different type of meal plan that aren't taken where we go, but some members of the club say otherwise 4.

When we got our car assignments for the last tournament we had to drive 6 hours to get there and we weren't in the same car, he offered to switch someone out of his car so we could go together 5. For example, he asked if he could come by my dorm to pick up some nyquil but then ended up staying and talking with me until around 3am.

I just don't know if he wants to date me or be my friend, furthermore I have a lot of reservations Are we friends or dating quiz it because he's a senior and graduating this year, whereas I'm only a freshman.

The age difference doesn't concern me especially since he's young for Are we friends or dating quiz age and there's only a 3 year gap but I'm worried about getting into a relationship with someone who I really care about when they'll be leaving in less than a year. Are we friends or dating quiz would be especially difficult because he lives kind of far away from Are we friends or dating quiz our college and my home, so it would be difficult to maintain anything.

There are no unbiased people left in my life, so I'm generally interested to hear what a bunch of strangers have to say. Any and all advice is appreciated but honestly just writing this out and getting it off my chest helped a lot more than I thought it would.

Ride or die Thanks, Safi for sharing your story even though I know it must have been difficult. Hope everything worked out.

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For Me I think he likes you if he flirts with you and people ship you with him. Often times, other people notice things that you don't at the moment. Maybe you should ask him to the dance later on, or participate in activities with him. Maybe, and I'm guessing here, he just wants to get you jealous over the girl he talks about. This test actually Are we friends or dating quiz really accurate but I still wonder if he truly likes me most people ship me with because Are we friends or dating quiz always flirt with each other but thing is sometimes he comes to and tells me something about a girl that he thinks is cute I obviously still need answer any one help!!!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this.

Don't know? Take my quiz....

We really don't need men. Safi also again thank you for sharing your story! I don't think very many people realize how hard it is to do that!

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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who recognizes strength when I see it. How old is this cuz myspace aint a thing no more. Delete this comment Cancel.

Are you constantly in touch with one another? Calls, texts, snaps, etc. No more than I talk to my Mom. How often do you expend time together? Do you have any nicknames or pet names for anyone another? Does she seduce excuses to touch you? And it makes me feel all warm and tingly inside.

We every once in a while hug when we reply goodbye. Do you come to jealous if you be wise to persevere her with another guy? Go nuts with your bad self, girl. Would you feel weird being intimate with her? That's asking for trouble.

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Yes, I think so. At the girl sitting next to me. Straight into my eyes. None of the above. We have group talks Either of us; it's equal. Academic aspects of school.

When we met we became partners, and have been ever since. For a year or so. I knew of him previous to, but we really got to know each other this year. For a few months. I never really knew him in preference to this. How close does he usually stand? He could twig closer, but I don't determine Right next to or healthy in front of me

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Does she make excuses to touch you? Have you ever had an awkward moment? I don't know if anyone will ever read this, but I feel like I just have to get this out somehow and for some reason it felt like a good idea to share my story here, especially since so many other people have been doing it as well.

The person you are taking this quiz about:. I don't know his friends.


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Long-term love interest is finally single- should I make contact? (Read first) quiz · My tests · Write fanfiction · Love and relationship quizzes -» More than friends? We have gone out once before and I still think we are friends, but I don 't know if we are dating or are we still best friends. A girl (). You've been asking all your friends obsessively about whether or not he likes you , so why not take this quiz and find out the real answer?..

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Are we friends or dating quiz

Are We More Than Friends?

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