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Buchenwald female prisoners dating


These number cards were used for managing the male prisoners in Buchenwald concentration camp. The color of the paper can vary slightly, but the cards can be easily identified by the number stamped near the top. The biggest difference between the individual cards is the number of prisoners listed under each prisoner number. Lower numbers were often issued multiple times, so more than four names Buchenwald female prisoners dating be listed here.

On cards with higher numbers, the prisoner clerks Buchenwald female prisoners dating only recorded a single person. Prisoner clerks in the camp registry office used A6-sized cards to create this Buchenwald female prisoners dating file for the report leader. The report leader was responsible for producing statistics and reports in Buchenwald female prisoners dating concentration camp, and he consulted various card files for this.


Number cards could be used to quickly determine which number represented which prisoner. However, the cards listed not only the prisoner who currently bore a particular number, Buchenwald female prisoners dating also any other prisoners who might have been assigned the same number previously.

Number Buchenwald female prisoners dating were filled out only for male prisoners in Buchenwald. Separate cards were used for female prisoners of the satellite camps, but Buchenwald female prisoners dating worked the same way.

The number card file in Buchenwald existed from October at the latest.

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Buchenwald female prisoners dating It was probably started even earlier, however. Assuming that the number card file was updated together with the number book, the card Buchenwald female prisoners dating must have been used until March 27, — two weeks before the liberation of the camp. This card file was kept in the registry office, and it was arranged in ascending order by the numbers that had been assigned to Buchenwald female prisoners dating concentration Buchenwald female prisoners dating prisoner.

The number card file made it easy to check which number stood for which person. For a long time, the concentration camps tried to keep the assigned numbers low so that it was not immediately obvious that the total number of inmates in the camp was actually higher.

For this reason, the administration of Buchenwald and other camps did not sequentially number the prisoners; instead — especially in the first years — the same numbers were reassigned whenever a prisoner died, was released or was transferred to another concentration camp or prison.

This meant that a previously used number could be reassigned to a new prisoner. The prisoner clerks would then update the cards in the number card Buchenwald female prisoners dating. They noted the name, nationality and registration date of the new prisoner on the same card, underneath the details Buchenwald female prisoners dating the previous prisoner.

For this reason, cards with low numbers often Buchenwald female prisoners dating multiple people.

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It was important to still be able to identify the prisoner who had previously been assigned a particular number. This made it possible to determine who had worn which number during Buchenwald female prisoners dating time Buchenwald female prisoners dating, even if the number had already been erased Buchenwald female prisoners dating the number book.

Later on, the administration of Buchenwald began issuing numbers only once.

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For this reason, cards with higher prisoner numbers usually only mention Buchenwald female prisoners dating person. Cards that were no longer needed were sometimes used for other purposes. For example, the registry office card for Iwan Zintschenko was written on the back of the number card for Michail Anikejew, who had died.

In Buchenwald concentration camp, numbers overwere assigned to prisoners. Therefore, there must have been just as many cards in the number card file. There are relatively Buchenwald female prisoners dating number cards in the ITS archive, however, because they initially remained in the camp after Buchenwald was liberated. Unlike other Buchenwald documents, they were not taken to Arolsen by the Allies. While Buchenwald female prisoners dating are Buchenwald female prisoners dating a few original cards from the Buchenwald number card file in the ITS archive, there are aroundcards in the Central Thuringian Buchenwald female prisoners dating Archive in Weimar.

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Since a single card often has information about multiple Buchenwald female prisoners dating, these cards can provide information on aroundBuchenwald prisoners. Number cards were kept in their own card file in Buchenwald concentration camp.

The number cards in the ITS archive can always be found in the individual document envelope for the first person mentioned on the card. However, there are no references to the number card in the individual documents of the other prisoners mentioned on the card. Prisoners might also have been listed on multiple cards if they received new numbers during their imprisonment.

This could happen if they were transferred back from a satellite camp, for example, or when numbers were generally reissued Buchenwald female prisoners dating the camp as a whole. Unlike the number book or the registry office cardsthe number cards for male prisoners of Buchenwald do not mention the block or external labor detail to which the prisoners were assigned. Other documents must be consulted for any additional information.

For example, the ITS archive also has number card files for various concentration camps which were created as finding aids from the s onwards. These Buchenwald female prisoners dating file cards which were produced by the Buchenwald female prisoners dating itself based on other documents. There is also another type of card that was long considered a number card by the ITS, but which, according to information from the Buchenwald Concentration Camp Buchenwald female prisoners dating, is actually not a version of a number card.

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