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3 men and a bagel


All of today's events Staff Picks. Switch to the mobile version of this 3 men and a bagel. Dining Out- 3 Men and a Bagel. Fashion statements fall along the lines of flip-flops, wrinkled sweatshirts and bed-heads. The decor runs to clippings of G.

The Ultimate provides a non-threatening environment for those who hunger and thirst and just missed their biology midterm.

3 Men & A Bagel...

Service is appropriately cheerful without 3 men and a bagel perky. If you're going on three hours of sleep, you don't want perky. Both are delicious but imperfect. The problem is the capers. You can either put them on top, and have a nice presentation -- green to contrast with the 3 men and a bagel and red of the salmon, onions and tomatoes -- or you can bury them in the cream cheese, which gives you a chance of actually getting a caper or two in your mouth.

The Rocket on Cedar goes pretty, Ultimate Bagel goes practical. As of today, I'm a huge, huge fan of practical. Aesthetics are overrated anyway. The twit clearly didn't know the 3 men and a bagel thing about conquering helpless bagels with manly swipes of a plastic knife. Their salmon spread for an added charge imparts a salmon flavor without being overbearing.

The bagel itself was large, satisfying, a meal in itself. If not quite Everything I had ever dreamed of in a bagel being doughy, somewhat bland, and a bit hard to chewit was still a good reason to return to the Ultimate and relive what it's like to live a life organized around the semester system.

First, this bagel passed the critical "heft" test, smacking nicely into the palm after a short toss. It was fat, chewy But then how dense is it to describe the experience of eating a plain bagel? Look, can you guys just pay me now? Am I done here? Great Harvest E. Great Harvest can 3 men and a bagel a lively place filled with conversations among school kids, young lovers and gray-hairs. People gather at the small tables for the enticing pastries and good coffee in the mornings, sandwiches later.

There are good breads of all varieties made on-site Visible just behind the display cases 3 men and a bagel the bakers themselves, kneading vast gobs of dough on aircraft-carrier-sized tables.

Deride me for not being a bagel purist, talk if you must of the age-old processes of true New York bagel-making, which yield 3 men and a bagel 3 men and a bagel of black hole density, but check this: I've been to New York, I ate myself stupid on their bagels, and I never once -- not once, dear reader! I tried it plain. I heated it up. I tried it with butter. I pulled the remnants of my cream cheese samplers from Ultimate Bagel and chased it with a dollop of garlic herb.

Nothing worked, but I persevered, took it slow, and, nearly an hour later, I won, dammit. No rye, dill or caraway? Great Harvest is especially generous with the poppy seeds. All in all, this was a hearty bagel, thick and chewy. In fact, my impromptu comparison of two establishments' "Everything" creations has to end in a draw.

Around here, we apparently like 3 men and a bagel bagels hefty and filling. Just ask my former colleagues in Coeur d'Alene about hauling a big bag 3 men and a bagel for staff meetings. E-Z, my friend, E-Z. So what takes this bliss to a higher plane? Why, the addition of spice and fruit.

The scent of cinnamon wafting from a warm bagel is heaven, and the sweet raisins packed inside make you smile. All in all, a manly bagel with plenty of heft. Latest in News Gun measure challenged, man says he was on meds before attacking kid in Spokane Valley, and other headlines Nov 19, Readers also liked… Native American women go missing at shocking rates; these women want to change that Feb 8, Seuss' The Grinch Dr.

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Dining Out- 3 Men and...

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