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Civil rights protests which I have nominated for renaming Bromosexual wikipedia "demonstrations". LGBT rights Bromosexual wikipedia as Bromosexual wikipedia subcat of Category: LGBT rights and the civil rights category?

Did I miss a notice that Bromosexual wikipedia new Wikipedia: No sooner did I notice this and added content to it, was it delivered to my talk page a few minutes later by Xenobot. So how many were delivered before I added content to it and those people didn't get the content I added? My addition Bromosexual wikipedia content to the newsletter was at I may not be seeing this ] edit objectively. It seems a bit WP: Could someone else have a look? I removed a Bromosexual wikipedia, identical?

I was just about to comment Bromosexual wikipedia Talk: Matthew Shepardwhen I took another look at Benjiboi's comment "I asked some other people", and poked around and found this here.

While Grundle is doing a lot of things I disagree with, I'm uncomfortable with Bromosexual wikipedia this was handled, and actually Bromosexual wikipedia this does belong in Bromosexual wikipedia Matthew Shepard article. Grundle added it to Hate crimeand was promptly reverted by Benjiboi and Bromosexual wikipedia to take it to Bromosexual wikipedia Shepard.

He did so, Benjiboi brought it here, where "consensus" is to remove it, based on:. So I guess my feeling is: The section is titled "public reaction". Bromosexual wikipedia is a public reaction by a notable Bromosexual wikipedia, which is not unlike the Bromosexual wikipedia Bromosexual wikipedia Westboro, who get a prominent mention in the section a fringe opinion, and which is not mentioned elsewhere in the section. I don't understand how it is soapboxy, or inappropriate; it adds balance to the Bromosexual wikipedia. It also seems Bromosexual wikipedia for Hate crimealthough I have not looked at Bromosexual wikipedia article to see Bromosexual wikipedia a Bromosexual wikipedia opinion from someone else is already Bromosexual wikipedia there, and if so, there's no reason to double up.

Please drop in at Talk: Herodotus RfC and express an opinion. Several states permit civil unions in lieu of marriage. Sincefour state supreme courts have ruled bans on same-sex marriage unconstitutional, while voters in more than a dozen states approved constitutional bans on the practice. In Bromosexual wikipedia, Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire became the first states to permit same-sex marriage through legislative action.

Could anyone please help me fully reference these claims, since I know very little about LGBT studies? To mark June 28, the day of the Stonewall riotsseveral articles will be appearing throughout the day on Wikipedia's main page - on the 28th and remember that days on Wikipedia begin with UTC time so see the clock above to know when it's the 28th on Wikipedia.

I suggest everyone add the following articles to your watchlist for "vandalism watch". TDYK Cleared, moved up above. And of course many thanks to the different editors who have contributed to this process. Pernennial US Bromosexual wikipedia candidate Bromosexual wikipedia widely Bromosexual wikipedia for his efforts to get a universal HIV testing and quarantine law passed in California in the Bromosexual wikipedia. The effort was seen as anti-gay and his direct statements tended to confirm that.

Every history of the US gay rights movement of the s includes material on Prop. I believe that Bromosexual wikipedia draft is much more comprehensive than the current text.

Though it may not show, there are dozens and dozens of sources for this topic, both newspaper articles and books. Bromosexual wikipedia expert views on this topic would be appreciated. There's a rambling discussion at Talk: I have nominated List of defense of marriage amendments to U. Please join the discussion on whether this article meets the featured list criteria. Articles are typically reviewed for two weeks; editors may declare to "Keep" or "Remove" the article's featured status.

The instructions for the review process Bromosexual wikipedia here. Anyone know if this new sub-stub is legitimate?

You say you don't know...

Or is it vandalism we need Bromosexual wikipedia be deleting right away? Lady of Shalott Hey guys - if anyone is interested, I blogged today about Jim McGreevey and his ministry for Bromosexual wikipedia prisoners. First time photos of his new life have been available. I welcome comments and your views on recent development in LGBT parenting and Homosexuality here on better on their respective Talk pages. I was shocked how much biased, undue-weighted and on unreliable sources relied were these articles several days ago before my edits.

I wanted to remind you about Wikipedia: Feel free to update yourself or add yourself. Many don't know this page exists. The LGBT studies project does have its own Bromosexual wikipedia Internet Relay Chat channel, wikipedia-en-lgbt connectfor coordination, collaboration and socializing. This channel is hosted Bromosexual Bromosexual wikipedia Freenode and can be accessed in one of two ways: If you already have an IRC clientclick Bromosexual wikipedia link to the left.

If Bromosexual wikipedia do not have an Bromosexual wikipedia client, you'll need to get one installed on your computer first. Once you've done Bromosexual wikipedia, then click on Bromosexual wikipedia link to the left. The project had at one point another channel at LGBTproject connect Bromosexual wikipedia wikipedia as the original people associated Bromosexual wikipedia the setting up and administration of that channel have seemed to have disappeared, I've set up this new channel.

Plus the new channel is inline with required naming conventions for Wikipedia related IRC channels. So, feel free Bromosexual wikipedia use this channel. I'm Bromosexual wikipedia IRC often. Such a channel gives opportunity to discuss the latest happening on articles. Anyway, see you there - eventually! Early Bromosexual wikipedia for LGBT rights says the list should include people who campaigned Bromosexual wikipedia the modern movement of Bromosexual wikipedia 20th century".

Bromosexual wikipedia question - when did the modern movement began? Bromosexual wikipedia is your own Personal Jesus The numbering was messed up, Bromosexual wikipedia meant that legal issues was not showing up two sets of lists numbered '5'.

I re-numbered the sections, which gives us 7 groups. I found that on some articles there is already an option for Bromosexual wikipediaso I have revived this on the template. Because the last two sections will not necessarily be relevant for all articles, and because the template is getting quite long, I created two extra options to supplement Bromosexual wikipedia existing culture option.

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I have updated the documentation, which explains Bromosexual wikipedia to use these four options:. Mish just an editor talk I have reviewed this article as part of the GA sweeps process. The article is basically OK, but there are a number of dead links which need fixing. I have Bromosexual wikipedia the assessment on hold whilst Bromosexual wikipedia are Bromosexual wikipedia. Currently some articles on the topic use the word "marriage" while others use "unions".

Some include the phrase Recognition of many of which are redirects. There are myriad Bromosexual wikipedia variations on the theme. Is there any interest in standardizing a naming format for these articles?

Homosexuality in India will be needing a huge facelift now. There's a massive amount of homophobia going on Bromosexual wikipedia Talk: Any help would be appreciated!

Ok so it's says bromosexual,...

I have reassessed this article and found issues with the referencing which need to be addressed Bromosexual wikipedia Bromosexual wikipedia article is to retain GA status. The reassessment comments are at Talk: I noticed that our articles on religions are not consistantly named. This is by itself not a Bromosexual wikipedia, but is annoyingbut in considering the recent post here about ignoring trangender issues, i wanted to suggest that we rename them all to something more inclusive.

Bromosexual wikipedia think in every religion and culture, Bromosexual wikipedia and bi issues are far too interlinked with gay issues for us to have separate articles with possible exception of very long articles that need splitting.

So should we rename these article to "LGBT issues in Bromosexual wikipedia, or should Bromosexual wikipedia start creating stubs for "Transgender issues and xxx"? As Bromosexual wikipedia will affect Bromosexual wikipedia large Bromosexual wikipedia of articles and tempatesi would prefer a strong consensus before Bromosexual wikipedia ahead, to avoid WP: Just throwing this out there for discussion, but from a Bromosexual wikipedia perspective, how many people outside of the LGBT community Bromosexual wikipedia have any clue as to what LGBT stands for?

You say you don't know...

If I were scrolling through a list of articles and stumbled accross "LGBT issues in Hinduism" I would have zero idea of what the article is about. Bromosexual wikipedia are Bromosexual wikipedia useful insofar as they have context. On this page, it has context.

In the Bromosexual wikipedia world, it has some context, but that Bromosexual wikipedia is not ever present.

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I tried Bromosexual wikipedia get that done a while ago, but it never happened I'm neutral Bromosexual wikipedia whether we rename Religion and homosexuality. My Bromosexual wikipedia concern is that if Religious views on transgender people Bromosexual wikipedia merged into there, Bromosexual wikipedia LGB content will overwhelm and Bromosexual wikipedia out the trans content. I wouldn't be opposed, though, to having a Religious views on LGBT people that links to both of the slightly-more-specific articles as well as to the religion-specific Bromosexual wikipedia. Wouldn't something like "Religionname views on LGBT" gives readers a better Bromosexual wikipedia of the articles' focus?

Was I too rude/ blow him off? What is the difference between homophillia and homosexuality? What is the difference between heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual? How, if at all, is the accent, pitch and voice of gay men different than that of straight men and how accurate is voice in determining sexual. You say you don't know what a “bromosexual” relationship is? a monocle, or using an encyclopedia when Wikipedia is at your fingertips..

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Take vengeance on the top hearsay stories delivered instantly to your inbox! Canadians can guard the full incident at http: Peter White explains why getting mad at a man hitting on you is like getting furious at someone in the interest of giving you allowed money. Subscribe because of more comedy: Subscribe to France 24 now: France motto an increase in violent acts following the debate in excess of gay marriage in Today, several people are peaceful rejected by their families over their sexual orientation.

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HOT MUSLIM WOMEN Civil rights protests which I have nominated for renaming to "demonstrations". LGBT rights demonstrations as a subcat...
Bromosexual wikipedia Phil is all in on project hatch-the-duck-eggs, even building a whole habitat for them —...
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  • Bromosexual. Anyone Bromosexual is a valid but non-notable neologism apparently used in the movie Pineapple Express.
  • What is the difference between homophillia and homosexuality? What is the difference between heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual? How, if at all, is the accent, pitch and voice of gay men different than that of straight men and how accurate is voice in determining sexual.
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  • Wikipedia talk:WikiProject LGBT studies/Archive 29 - Wikipedia
  • two average men who are close friends and the other one is gay, other one is straight, why should be this called a "bromosexual friendship"?. You say you don't know what a “bromosexual” relationship is? a monocle, or using an encyclopedia when Wikipedia is at your fingertips.
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Wikipedia talk:WikiProject LGBT studies/Archive 29

This is an archive of past discussions. Gloria tells Manny to call her, which he does and makes a date with Chelsea. Mitch tells Cam he was wrong about earlier and apologises that he thought Cam had a pathological need to be liked but Cam says that he does and Mitchell is first to say "I knew it". In reviewing the article I have found an image issue, which I have detailed here.

Since , four state supreme courts have ruled bans on same-sex marriage unconstitutional, while voters in more than a dozen states approved constitutional bans on the practice. Cam runs to the street from someones' back garden tells them: Posted , The Oklahoman.

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