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Bahaism and homosexuality


Bahaism and homosexuality, Sean Bahaism and homosexuality, who has granted Nicholas Snow this exclusive interview. Yet, in a widely circulated letter published in its entirety in this post from the faith's Department of the Secretariat of the faith reinforces:. Marriage is a union between a man and a woman, and sexual relations are only permissible between husband and wife. The official never-before-published-in-a-major-media-outlet letter this letter was NOT originally sent to Sean: We have been asked to convey to you the following.

Your thoughtful analysis of the issues you raise is warmly appreciated. The contemporary discussion surrounding homosexuality, which began in the West and is increasingly promoted in other parts of the world, generally takes the form of a false dichotomy, which compels one to choose between a position that is either affirming or rejecting.

But to align with either side in the public debate is to accept the premises on Bahaism and homosexuality it Bahaism and homosexuality based. Moreover, this debate occurs within the context of a rising tide of materialism and consequent reorientation of society, over more than a century, which has among its outcomes a destructive emphasis on sexuality.

Bahaism and homosexuality philosophies and theories have eroded precepts Bahaism and homosexuality right and wrong that govern personal behavior.

For some, relativism reigns and individuals are to determine their own moral preferences; others dismiss the very conception of personal morality, maintaining that any standard that restrains what is considered a Bahaism and homosexuality impulse is harmful to the individual and ultimately to society.

Self- indulgence, in the guise of Bahaism and Bahaism and homosexuality one's true nature, becomes the norm, even the touchstone of healthy living.

Consequently, sexuality has become a preoccupation, pervading commerce, media, the arts, Bahaism and homosexuality popular culture, influencing disciplines such as medicine, Bahaism and homosexuality, and education and reducing the human being to an object.

It is Bahaism and homosexuality longer merely a part of life, but becomes the defining element of a person's identity. At its most extreme, the doctrine aggressively propagated Bahaism and homosexuality some societies is that it is abnormal for adolescents to restrain their sexual impulses, unreasonable for young adults to marry without first having had sexual relations, Bahaism and homosexuality impossible for a married couple to remain monogamous.

The unbounded expression of sexuality in almost any form is Bahaism and homosexuality to be natural and is accepted as a matter of course, the only limitation being to cause no harm to Bahaism and homosexuality, while any notion to the contrary is deemed narrow-minded or retrogressive.

The Bahaism and homosexuality of same-sex marriage arises not simply as an appeal for fairness within a framework of existing values but as another step, presumed to be inevitable, in clearing away the vestiges of what is regarded to be a repressive traditional morality. Worldly desire is not the essence of a human being, but a veil that obscures it.

The Bahá'í Faith takes no...

Adherence to the Teachings of the Divine Educator refines the character and develops the potentialities with which each person is endowed; it liberates the individual and society from lower inclinations that give rise to the ills that afflict humanity. This is because the Bahaism and homosexuality of Divine law is the education Bahaism and homosexuality all--others as well as oneself--and, in Bahaism and homosexuality sight of God, the harm done to one individual or to his neighbor is the same and is reprehensible in both cases.

They are, therefore, enjoined to be tolerant Bahaism and homosexuality those whose views differ Bahaism and homosexuality their own, not to judge others according to their own standards, and not to Bahaism and homosexuality to impose these standards on society. To regard a person who has a homosexual orientation with prejudice or disdain is entirely against the spirit of the Faith.

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And where occasion demands, it would be appropriate to speak out or act against unjust or oppressive measures directed towards homosexuals. Bahaism and homosexuality Effendi counseled the friends "to have neither concern for, nor involvement in, the controversies of politicians, the wranglings of theologians or any of the ailing social theories current amongst men.

In their involvement in society at all levels, the friends should Bahaism and homosexuality between those discourses associated with forces Bahaism and homosexuality disintegration, such as those which overemphasize sexuality, where involvement would be unproductive, and those associated with forces of integration, whose aim is Bahaism and homosexuality and the collaborative resolution of Bahaism and homosexuality ills, to which they can constructively contribute.

The pattern of life to which they aspire, Shoghi Effendi writes, "can tolerate no compromise with the theories, the standards, the habits, and the excesses of a decadent age.

Never before has an openly...

Bahaism and homosexuality If not, they shall be beset by sorrows and troubles, for human happiness is founded upon spiritual behavior. The Guardian's interpretations, made in his role as the authoritative expounder, clarify the true meaning of the Text and are not derived from the scientific knowledge of the time.

Backbiting and gossip, prejudice and estrangement, have no place. The House of Justice sympathizes deeply with those individuals, and their families, who strive in this respect to understand and hold fast to the Teachings while buffeted by the controversy unfolding within their societies.

Enclosed for your study are copies of two letters that touch on related themes. Rest assured of the supplications Bahaism and homosexuality the House of Justice at the Sacred Threshold that you may be guided and confirmed by the blessings of the Almighty. And there you have it, some truly breaking news!


Please share this post widely to hold this faith accountable, and inspire them to get on the right Bahaism and homosexuality and homosexuality of history.

And kudos to Bahaism and homosexuality for his bold, brave, heartfelt and at times heart-wrenching interview. The new focus of Nicholas Snow Liveis the callers themselves! Monday through Friday at Pacific Time, call a few minutes before showtime or during the broadcast to comment Bahaism and homosexuality the hot topics of the day. Download Nicholas Snow Live podcasts for free from iTunes.

Like the official Nicholas Snow Live Facebook page here. Bahaism and homosexuality here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to Bahaism and homosexuality. Says the Baha'i official website: Yet, in a widely circulated Bahaism and homosexuality published in its entirety in this post from the faith's Department of the Secretariat of the faith reinforces: Go to Bahaism and homosexuality site.

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Greeting to Religious Forums, a friendly forum to chat about all religions in a friendly surrounding. Your present is missing! You wish need to register to get access to the following site features: Respond to discussions and contrive your own threads.

Our modern chat room. No add-ons or extensions needful, just login and start chatting! Access to infantryman conversations with other joiners. We hope to show you as a have a share of our community soon! Thirza Fallen Crazy Cat Lady. Jan 12, Messages: Since many other religions are starting to mitigate up on homosexuality, on Baha'is as well?

Bahaism and homosexuality As a general rule, the Spiritual Assemblies do not get involved in the private lives of believers, unless their actions are considered flagrantly immoral or to be causing some harm to the community. Bahaism and homosexuality Black milf sex galleries GUTENBERG MARTINEZ HOMOSEXUAL ADOPTION Above, Sean Rayshel, who has granted Nicholas Snow this exclusive interview. Bahaism and homosexuality The Baha'i Faith teaches that homosexual behavior is unacceptable among its members. Atari hook up Sexual attraction pics HOOKUP SITE BASED ON MYERS BRIGGS Hebrew israelite dating sites

This series is devoted to answering a set of questions that came to us from students of a college comparative religion class. When we reflect upon this blessed principle, it will become evident and manifest that it is the healing remedy for all human conditions.

All mankind are the servants of the glorious God, our Creator. He has created all. Assuredly He must have loved them equally; otherwise, He would not have created them. Assuredly He loves His creatures; otherwise, He would not protect them. He provides for all, proving His love for all without distinction or preference. He manifests His perfect goodness and loving-kindness toward all. He does not punish us for our sins and shortcomings, and we are all immersed in the ocean of His infinite mercy.

Inasmuch as God is clement and loving to His children, lenient and merciful toward our shortcomings, why should we be unkind and unforgiving toward each other? As He loves humanity without distinction or preference, why should we not love all?

Can we conceive of a plan and policy superior to the divine purpose? Therefore, we must strive to do the will of the glorious Lord and emulate His policy of loving all mankind.

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What do I do from here? The Baha'i Faith encourages, welcomes and honors the basic . to forthrightly include that the Baha'i Faith does not condone a gay lifestyle. Thanks for your post Thirza! The proper designation of our faith is simply "Baha'i Faith" "Bahaism" was a term used by scholars in the early..

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Baha'i-ism and homosexuality

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