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Obamacare chip 666


Before the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was finalized and passed into law on March 23,there was a lot of speculation about what this new healthcare reform bill would look like, how it Obamacare chip 666 be carried out and what it would require of the citizens of the United States. Whenever there is uncertainty about something new in culture, the whispers and Obamacare chip 666 around the dinner table oftentimes lead to rumors that very easily take on a Obamacare chip 666 of its own.

The RFID chip was one such rumor that caused some hysteria, a lot of confusion and, most of all, Obamacare chip 666 lot of opposition to the language of a law that no one had yet seen. Somehow the rumors about the RFID chip still have legs and are running around the workplace water coolers and our e-mail inboxes with stories about their advancement, the new plans for how to implant every American with their own microchip and even a news story, albeit satire, about the citizens of the small town of Hanna, Wyoming who have been ordered and mandated Obamacare chip 666 their mayor to participate in a RFID Obamacare chip 666 implant program.

The bottom line is that even though the Affordable Care Act, which is more commonly referred to as Obamacare, Obamacare chip 666 more than pages long and not many people have actually read every Obamacare chip 666 within the bill, there are people who have and they can say with certainty that the law does not propose, suggest or plan to implement Obamacare chip 666 program Obamacare chip 666 the government would implant RFID chips into its citizens for any purpose.

Prior to Obamacare chip 666 Affordable Care Act actually being passed into law and published for the your reading pleasure, people were desperate to get their hands on any detail leaked to figure out what the final Obamacare chip 666 of the law would require. There was a version Obamacare chip 666 the bill that was written by the House of Representatives on July 14, H. In particular, people interpreted a specific section of the H. This section of the bill, which is further examined below, stated that under the Affordable Healthcare Act, the government could collect and analyze the data from implanted devices.

Despite the fact that the draft of the bill said nothing about any mandate that all Obamacare chip 666 be implanted with the Medchip, the media, our local grocer, our grandparents Obamacare chip 666 teachers all took a leap of logic and believed that the Administration was going to mandate that all citizens be implanted with RFID chips. According to popular but false Obamacare chip 666, the government Obamacare chip 666 going to start asking people to line up to be fitted for their Obamacare chip 666 own RFID microchip by March 23, Articles regarding the impending deadline to be fitted and implanted with an RFID chip were widely circulated by social media, e-mail and website publications.

Contained within the section of H. The actual Affordable Care Act was passed into law by President Obama on March 23, and thirty-six 36 months thereafter would be March 23, ; hence, the deadline to be implanted with a RFID chip.

The Obamacare Chip is one...

There are multiple reasons why this information is nonsensical and clearly a hoax. Notwithstanding the Obamacare chip 666 that the plain and clear language of H. The real point of concern regarding this entire RFID chip rumor is that despite popular opinion that that our government has no reservations about crossing a line to invade our privacy, the fact that people still believe, even today, that the Obamacare chip 666 is comfortable with implanting its citizens, including newborn babies, with a microchip is just absurd.

Science, technology, medicine, along with the FDA have not had enough time with the RFID chip to determine Obamacare chip 666 it is safe, and even if Obamacare chip 666 was definitely determined that an implanted RFID chip under human skin was safe beyond all reasonable doubt today, it seems unlikely that the government would ever force its citizens to be implanted with on in the event that the science was wrong.

The fact of the matter is that even though some people volunteer to have an Obamacare chip 666 chip implanted for medical purposes personal to them, the jury is still out as Obamacare chip 666 whether or not there are serious medical consequences with implanting a RFID chip under the skin.

In fact, some studies done with mice have actually found that it may cause cancer cells and tumors to Obamacare chip 666 in size. To quell the whispers and Obamacare chip 666 accusations that our government would sneak a mandate into a law requiring citizens to submit to being implanted with a microchip, a few Obamacare chip 666 have opted to pass laws that actually forbid mandatory Obamacare chip 666 chips. Therefore, even Obamacare chip 666 our government was Obamacare Obamacare chip 666 666 enough Obamacare chip 666 Obamacare chip Obamacare chip 666 to pass such a law, it would contradict with the laws of certain states and it would be up to the Supreme Court of the United States to determine whether it is the state that has jurisdiction over this issue or Obamacare chip 666 it is our federal government.

Either way, the issue would be squarely in the Obamacare chip 666 and Obamacare chip 666 person across the country would be acutely aware of the issues and the arguments. RFID stands for a radio-frequency identification.

A RFID device is wireless and when implanted someplace, it will utilize a radio-frequency electromagnetic field to transmit data to Obamacare chip 666 receiver.

This tool transmitted radio waves with audio information after listening in to a conversation. The transponder that was heavily used during Obamacare chip 666 War II to identify aircraft as friend or foe Obamacare chip 666 also credited as being a predecessor to the RFID chip technology. Ina man named Mario Cardullo created Obamacare chip 666 patented a device that was a passive radio transponder that had a bit Obamacare chip 666 system.

Cardullo created the device with the intent that it could be used in banking as an electronic credit card or check card, in transportation as a tolling system, electronic license plate or vehicle performance monitor, Obamacare chip 666 security for a personal identification system or for surveillance, or in the medical industry to gather patient information.

Factual Information On The Obamacare...

Another perk of the original design of the RFID chip, which carried on to the present but with more improvement in design, was that it was supposed to be small enough that it could be easily hidden and was certainly portable and able to be placed in or on different objects. Cardullo originally pitched the idea to the New York Port Authority in as a Obamacare chip 666 to automate the Obamacare chip 666 collection process.

The Obamacare chip 666 authority listened to the pitch and responded that they did Obamacare chip 666 believe the idea was viable, that people would put the device on their cars and that it would certainly lead to an invasion of privacy.

In Obamacare chip 666 Obamacare chip 666 of the RFID Obamacare chip 666, although Mario Cardullo is generally credited as creating and patenting the first RFID chip, it was companies like General Electric and RCA who developed it over the years brought and made it accessible and useful to different industries.

The RFID chip industry is vast and expansive and worth billions of dollars. RFID chips are used in almost Obamacare chip 666 facet of commerce across the globe and its uses are being expanded to fit the needs of new customers every single day. The RFID market has really expanded, particularly in the last five years at which time the market has nearly doubled in value. Today, Obamacare chip 666 can find RFID chips everywhere in their Obamacare chip 666. For Obamacare chip 666 your access pass to get into your office suite may have a RFID chip that identifies who you are, when you leave and when you arrive.

For instance, clothing stores can place RFID trackers on clothes to Obamacare chip 666 chip 666 when they are stolen or purchased, worn and then returned. Most of us know of someone who will purchase an expensive clothing item for a special event, hide the tags, wear the outfit, clean it, and then return it. It has been a big problem for major retailers Obamacare chip 666 Obamacare chip 666 years. In addition, manufacturers are experimenting with placing RFID chips on promotional items to track whether a store ultimately sold the product at a Obamacare chip 666 Obamacare chip 666 or whether customers are still willing to pay full price.

Unfortunately the cost of RFID tags never Obamacare chip 666 to a point where it would make financial sense, so Obamacare chip 666 the most part WalMart has since abandoned the idea, despite what Obamacare Obamacare chip 666 666 other hoaxes piggybacking off of the Obamacare Chip hoax might lead you to believe. RFID chips are not just for goods in commerce though.

Farmers have been affixing RFID chips on their livestock for years to locate their whereabouts. Families are oftentimes encouraged to have their pets implanted with the RFID chip in the event they run away s well. RFID chips have revolutionized the industry of logistics and transportation because an importer, exporter or inter-state shipper can now track the location of something as big as a shipping container or the individual items being shipped within to approximate the date and time of arrival.

RFID chips also make the process of sorting a large number of goods destined for different locations much easier as well. This chip was designed by a company called VeriChip Corp.

VeriChip was ultimately rebranded to PositiveID. Their product and marketing was short-lived, partially due to the fact that the public Obamacare chip 666 so against its application and insertion. The Obamacare chip 666 ceased marketing and manufacturing the device, which was about the length of a quarter Obamacare chip 666 typically imbedded in the arm ad under the skin between the shoulder and elbow, in Even Obamacare chip 666 the VeriChip Corp.

For instances, the Obamacare chip 666 frequencies transmitted can interfere with pacemakers, internal cardio defibrillators or other electronic medical devices placed in the body. The FDA also freely admits that Obamacare chip 666 the controversies, they are curious and are always studying the RFID chip and the potential benefits and disadvantages to using them in medicine.

A very early version of the Affordable Care Act bill H. The explanation of what the registry would Obamacare chip 666 and Obamacare chip 666 it would function in the H.

Here is the actual language of this portion of the H. The entire bill can be viewed by clicking here.

So my wife then asked...

Other examples would be implanted staples, long-term catheters, joint prostheses and gastrointestinal tubes to name a few. In plain terms, this particular section of the bill Obamacare chip 666 that they would assist in the analysis and review of date that came from devices implanted in patients.

Although there is a section regarding patient-centered research that relates to the creation of an Institute that would aid in the research and discovery of evidence to better science and medicine, it is not at all related to provision included in H.

Although many people who heard about or learned of the National Medical Device Registry section of H. The e-mail also warned that in addition Obamacare chip 666 supplying your medical history, the RFID chip would Obamacare chip 666 provide the government with all of Obamacare chip 666 Obamacare chip 666 information, including your bank accounts and Obamacare chip 666 be used to track our movements and location.

A second e-mail Obamacare chip 666 by Snopes. The e-mailer believed that eventually everyone would be implanted with an Obamacare chip and that the public healthcare option would also lead to Obamacare chip 666 demise of private health insurance companies.

Either way, it does not warrant further discussion. These e-mails are examples of Obamacare chip 666 type of information that was spread amongst friends, colleagues and family families to foster the Obamacare chip hoax. Even if we could definitively identify who is ultimately responsible, giving them credit is not even something Obamacare chip 666 would do. Notwithstanding the science, the concept of implanting a monitoring device into people actually dates back to the Bible with Revelation In particular, the Obamacare chip 666 of Revelation People love a good gossip story and a rumor Obamacare chip 666 President Obama slipped a mandate into the Affordable Obamacare chip 666 Act that required everyone to be implanted with a RFID chip is definitely a compelling story, which is why it was widely discussed on social media, e-mail exchanges, blogs and websites.

The National Report, which has been described as a Right Obamacare chip 666 version of the Obamacare chip 666 website, The Onionposted an article in July that reported that the mayor of Hanna, Wyoming was requiring his citizens who were receiving government assistance to be the first to be implanted with a microchip or else they would be terminated from their job and would lose their public assistance.

The National Report is a spoofing website and nothing in this article is actual factual. Readers who do not know this fact, will Obamacare chip 666 that the information is truthful and the rumors will proliferate. The post asked people to tell as many people as possible about the story and to speak out against the Obamacare chip and was liked Obamacare chip 666 1, people, shared by 19, people and had 5, comments.

There were also multiple videos posted on YouTube about different governments across the world implanting their citizens with RFID chips.

Here is one video Obamacare chip Obamacare chip 666 from the Philippines. Again, this national identification program is not directly Obamacare chip 666 to Obamacare but the concept of using RFID chips, either Obamacare chip Obamacare chip 666 a card or implanted in your hand stems from H.

Ron Paul has Obamacare chip 666 officially said that he believes that there is actually a government program and when Obamacare chip 666 made this comment on the Fox News segment, Obamacare chip 666 Obamacare chip 666 simply Obamacare chip 666 measure to spread fear and mistrust when the Affordable Care Act, which is already responsible for saving the lives of tens of thousands of American citizens being criticized before its launch.

A person can find endless videos Obamacare chip 666 YouTube that debate or inform viewers about the alleged Obamacare chip program.

Some of these videos are upwards of two hours long. Another website posted a recording of a pastor who was preaching to his congregation and recounted the story of an encounter with another pastor who was implanted with a RFID chip and despite popular belief, did not have a the Mark of the Beast described in the Bible. Brian Williams reported a story very recently that projected that most products in commerce will have RFID chips by Of course, many websites including the below website interpreted that report as meaning that all people would also be fitted with an RFID chip by as well.

The sad truth is Obamacare chip 666 it is quite simple, money.

So my wife then asked...

How exactly do people make Obamacare chip 666 from spreading hoaxes and creating these elaborate rumors? In fact, the longer the videos are, and the longer the person viewing the video watches, the more money the Obamacare chip 666 creator will make. YouTube runs advertising on almost all of the submitted content now.

Now that might not sound like a lot of money, Obamacare chip 666 you might be thinking that it is probably pretty difficult to get to 1, Obamacare chip 666 in the first place. In reality it really is not that difficult at all. Especially when you consider that many of these videos are linked to within the emails that are sent out in SPAM email Obamacare chip 666 and forwarded by people who think that the Obamacare Chip rumor is real.

Within the first page of the results, of the more than 57, videos, the top results have been viewed more than 5 million Obamacare chip 666. One very Obamacare chip 666 thing to note, is that the most viewed result, with more than 1. Ironically enough, Paul seems to find it necessary to mention within the description of his Obamacare chip 666, that this book, which Obamacare chip 666 video would have you believe to be true, is called a Fictional Work.

So if the book is fictional, does that mean that the video is as Obamacare chip 666 Logic would say yes, but cash is king, so it is preferred Obamacare chip 666 you not pay that close of attention to the facts.

Interestingly it seems according to Mr. The description within the website says that this book is his most requested.

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