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Women who like to wear diapers


A few weeks ago I made the decision I would permanently wear diapers so I took that bag Women who like to wear diapers had that I had put all of my panties in and I threw them away. I buy clothes based on style, not because they cover or hide my diapers.

Because of how female clothes are designed, if I bend over or reach up high my waistband is exposed. If I wear pants there is a bit of bulge depending on what diapers I wear. Now I am not trying to lose bladder control on purpose but I am not fighting to keep it either. I will use my diapers when I feel the need to.

Hey,Ok so I like to...

If I end up losing bladder control then I will be ok with that. But I have been bothered by the pubic hair I have.

Guess my bladder is slipping away! Wearing diapers to work has probably been the Women who like to wear diapers exciting thing as well as the best Women who like to wear diapers that has ever happened to me. I can actually stay at my desk and do my work without Women who like to wear diapers about running off to Women who like to wear diapers bathroom or having accidents. I was walking around Best Women who like to wear diapers for Women who like to wear diapers good 30 minutes before I realized my shirt got caught on the edge of the diaper.

It was a longer shirt so it only exposed a small portion of my diaper, no big deal.

Submitted Situation: ‘I’m a woman...

But at the same time I was a little embarrassed that anyone could have seen my new underwear and that was Women who like to wear diapers great feeling. So when I made the decision to give up wearing panties, I also gave up using the toilet, which means I have been using my diapers for both wetting and messing. But today I had quite a different experience.

As I was standing in line waiting to check out, I could feel my stomach churning and I thought for sure I was going to mess myself right there in the checkout line.

I was wondering, do women...

Fortunately I was able to pay for my groceries, and as I was loading them into my trunk, my bowels just let loose without any warning. Guess my bowels had different ideas. I just climbed Women who like to wear diapers my car I cracked the windows of course and drove home.

That got me thinking though, would I be able to handle myself if I Women who like to wear diapers bowel incontinent someday? So now that that time has come, this is Women who like to wear diapers so far!

I wore them just around my house during last weekend to get more accustomed to how they feel and try to learn to walk without waddling in them lol.

Any thoughts on that would be greatly appreciated! That is becoming incontinent. More embarrassing than wearing diapers in my opinion. Now Women who like to wear diapers the other hand, it is nice to know if I really had to, I could wear a pad or a pull up to an event and not worry about getting my pants wet since I can sort of still hold my bladder.

That means at this point in time, I will only have diapers to wear which will help keep me honest in wearing my diapers all the time. I plan on just stacking them in what used to be my Women who like to wear diapers drawer but due to the amount of diapers only a small percentage will be in there.

Anyways that is my update for this entire week that I have Women who like to wear diapers posting sorry! Hope you are enjoying this blog of mine! Please feel free to comment with ideas or just to say hi! So my delivery of 2 cases of diapers came Women who like to wear diapers the mail today! I immediately opened up one of the packs of diapers and got to work powdering and taping it on. I will just have to deal with it and see if I might be able to order slimmer diapers that are also absorbent.

Out of sight out of mind right? It means a lot that you Women who like to wear diapers the patience to listen to the ramblings of some random Women who like to wear diapers girl! Hi everyone who may be reading this! My name is Jessica and I have just recently made the decision to go back into diapers full time. Why would a 22 year old woman make this decision?

I finally got sick of having to wear the incontinence pads to catch my dribbles and squirts, only to end up having to sprint to the bathroom and still wet my Women who like to wear diapers. So after a long talk with a very close friend of mine, she told me she thinks it would be best if I started a different path.

So diapers it is!

This is childish. This is...

Overall I think it will be better for me to wear diapers all the time and really help eliminate some worries of mine. I really really appreciate comments so please, comment away, let me know your thoughts or ideas if you have any! Any tips on keeping hair down there gone for longer than shaving? Women who like to wear diapers want to say Merry Christmas to all of you out there!

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