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Perceptions of clients on awareness and the geographical location of a South African university sexual health clinic. Rukshana Adams I ; Mariana M.

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The Campus Health Service at Screen advertising world association sexual health University has a sub-division, a sexual health clinic, which provides sexual health services. The clients of the sexual health clinic consist of staff members Screen advertising world association sexual health students. This article reports on the perceptions of clients that relate to awareness and the geographical location of the clinic.

A descriptive qualitative approach was applied utilising in-depth interviews. The following themes Screen advertising world association sexual health from the data: The findings of the study revealed that accessibility of the clinic is influenced by the geographical location of the clinic and that marketing and awareness of services require attention. Institutions of higher education can play a vital role in the promotion of sexual health.

The World Association for Sexual Health recommends that health services, such as a university campus clinic, should provide convenient services that relate to sexual health needs. The findings of this article are part of a larger study that was conducted to explore the perceptions of clients on service delivery at the sexual health clinic.

This article however reports on the findings of the larger study that relate to awareness and the geographical location of the sexual health clinic. The location of the clinic is displayed in the accompanying map Screen advertising world association sexual health Figure 1.

Africa Federation for Sexual Health...

The map illustrates that the central part of the campus is situated in the square formed by the four streets i. Merriman, Andringa, Marais and Victoria streets. Most lecture halls, the library, student centre, administrative buildings and the language laboratory are situated in this central area. Sexual health services are provided by the sexual health clinic, a subdivision of services provided by SU CHS.

Stellenbosch University has 31 university hostels, 2 private university affiliated hostels, as well as 8 independent private residences on campus. Stellenbosch Medi-Clinic a private hospital is situated 3 km off the campus. Campus health services of other South African SA universities seem to be located in different areas of the university grounds.

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology has six campuses; each campus has a clinic of which the campus health clinic is located in a central area such as close to the library or the administrative building. The webpages do not contain specific information regarding sexual health. International universities such as Princeton University 8 and the University of North Carolina 9 also provide a map reflecting the location of the clinic, the variety of services that are available and costs pertaining to these services.

In addition, the maps reflect accessibility in terms of easy access for wheelchairs and parking. The webpages of SA and international universities therefore assist in creating awareness of the location of the CHSs and the types of services that are available.

The authors report that the Screen Screen advertising world association sexual health world association sexual health location in the proximity of the residences enhanced accessibility of the services. Accessibility of a service relates to the geographical location of the service and how convenient it is for clients to attend the service in terms of time and distance. Increased distances to health care facilities negatively reflect poor accessibility of service.

Kamau 16 reports on factors that influence the utilisation of reproductive services in Kenya and avers Screen advertising world association sexual health the lack of decentralised health facilities causes disparities in the provision of healthcare.

A qualitative study completed in Sweden on youth-friendly services confirmed that sexual health clinics should be conveniently located to enhance the utilisation of services. For many young people the location of the service prevents them from attending the service. Screen advertising world association sexual health example, some prefer that the clinic should be separately located from the central health facility.

Yet, once the clinic is known to the community, some youths are also uncomfortable that they be recognised by people who know them.

In addition, it is imperative that they have correct information regarding the location of the service, as they are embarrassed and uncomfortable to request directions to sexual health services. Hereafter, they are reluctant to seek professional healthcare assistance. Likewise, young people may delay seeking sexual health service when they have incorrect information regarding the location of a service or their eligibility for healthcare.

Awareness of sexual health information and sexual health services influences the attendance of the service. The authors found in their study that the main source of sexual health Screen advertising world association sexual health was through peers. The majority of participants revealed that they became aware of sexual health related information and services via close friends.

The authors identified that one of the reasons for not attending services include unawareness of where to seek assistance. Currently marketing and advertising of the sexual health clinic at the university under discussion takes place via social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, presentations on screen in the waiting area and university intranet. Marketing tools such as pamphlets, billboards and magazines are beneficial strategies to promote sexual health services as proposed by Singh and Begum.

As mentioned in the rationale, the accessibility of sexual health services is influenced by the geographical location of a clinic, whether people know about the healthcare services rendered and how it is marketed. No previous studies were conducted that relate to the service rendered or factors influencing accessibility at the clinic. Therefore, substantial evidence that relates to the sexual health service and accessibility from the clients' viewpoint Screen advertising world association sexual Screen advertising world association sexual health absent.

Subsequently this article reports on the findings relating Screen advertising world association sexual health awareness and geographical location. The objectives were to explore the perceptions of the clients attending the university sexual health clinic on the awareness of the sexual health clinic and knowledge of the geographical location.


Research methods and design. The current study followed a descriptive design with a qualitative approach that allowed the researcher to identify and elaborate on the participants' description of their perceptions of the sexual health clinic under study. The approach provided an opportunity to gain more information, understand and interpret their viewpoints and needs Screen advertising world association sexual health awareness and the geographical location of the clinic.

WAS promotes sexual health through...

Yet, this large total did not form the accessible population of the study. The first author is employed as a professional nurse at the clinic and provides sexual health services to the clients.

The Protection of Personal Information Act 20 however requires that personal information of clients be protected and not be used by employees who have access to it. The first author therefore approached participants who met the sample criteria after their sexual health consultation and requested permission from them that they be contacted for Screen advertising world association sexual health purposes. The inclusion criteria relate to students and staff members who had accessed the sexual health clinic at the main campus more than once.

These clients would potentially have broader perceptions of the clinic than a client who has accessed the clinic once or never before. Furthermore, the inclusion criteria incorporated Screen advertising world association sexual health and staff members who had accessed the clinic for either STI treatment, HIV counselling and testing or for contraceptive methods. These categories were included as they constituted Screen advertising world association sexual health range of services that are available at the sexual health clinic.

Participants who initially consented to be contacted for research purposes, yet were not available at the time of data collection because of illness or class schedules were excluded from the study. The researcher confirmed with the prospective participants that they indeed meet the inclusion Screen advertising world association sexual health before continuing the process.

The potential participants were requested to complete a form in which they consented to be contacted Screen advertising world association sexual health research purposes. The permission form to be contacted was then completed by the participants after a short introduction to the study.

This document was not the informed consent document to participate in the study, but merely permission that they be contacted for research purposes. A total of 21 clients who attended the sexual health services consented to be contacted. The 21 clients constituted the total accessible population. Purposive sampling was used to select 15 key participants. It allowed the researcher to select the sample based on the knowledge that each individual participant has of the phenomena under study.

The first five participants' viewpoints varied.

Individual Members. A person who...

Information obtained were of a general nature and not distinct. It was evident that the participants who are staff members had resembling perceptions regarding the phenomena of the study and limited in-depth information was obtained. Yet, information obtained from participants who were students differed. Consequently, the researcher recruited more participants in order to retrieve a more descriptive elaboration regarding their Screen advertising world association sexual health of experiences.

After the tenth interview, it was clear that information began to follow a distinct trend. Data collection was completed by means of in depth interviews and a semi-structured interview guide which was based on the objectives of the study. The guide focuses on the perceptions of the clients that attended the sexual health services. The interview guide was not used in previous studies and was merely based on the objective of the current study, meaning the awareness of sexual health services Screen advertising world association sexual health the geographical location of the clinic.

It also enabled the participants to provide a fuller picture about the phenomenon under study. A pilot interview was conducted with one participant who met the inclusion criteria. The pilot interview uncovered no difficulties. The Screen advertising world association sexual health gave the researcher an opportunity to anticipate the length of time of Screen advertising world association sexual health interview.

The questions were clear and the participant understood what was expected. The fieldworker utilised the technique of reflection.

International Global Organizations

The technique of reflection concerns Rogerian principles, a client-centred approach, in which the interviewer displayed unconditional positive regard towards the participant. Information that was received, yet not clear, Screen advertising world association sexual health followed up by means of probes. In these cases, the fieldworker asked that the interviewee elaborate on these unclear issues.

The truthfulness Screen advertising world association sexual health the findings was enhanced by the criteria of credibility, transferability, dependability and conformability. Dependability is the degree to which the findings of a study are repeatable. The Screen advertising world association sexual health of the study were clarified and verified by Screen advertising world association sexual health researcher and fieldworker.

Conformability is the degree to which the findings can be confirmed by others. The resembling themes were reviewed by the supervisor of the study and where Screen advertising world association sexual health existed, the researcher and supervisor reviewed the transcripts until concordance was reached. Data collection commenced in August and was completed early September As Screen advertising world association sexual health researcher is employed at the sexual health clinic as Screen advertising world association sexual health professional nurse, in order to prevent bias, a fieldworker not affiliated to the university conducted the individual interviews.

The fieldworker received training on the techniques and principles of interviewing, attended communication skills courses and assisted in previous qualitative interviews. In addition, the fieldworker received training on the conduction of interviews utilising Rogerian principles. A short introduction of what the research study entailed was verbally presented to the participants again to ensure that they understood what the study entails. Voluntary consent to participate in the research study was completed by each participant during this consultation.

A tape recorder was used to audiotape all interviews. Confidentiality was secured by protecting all data gathered within the scope of the Screen advertising world association sexual health from being divulged or made available to any other unauthorised person.

Screen advertising world association sexual health were assured that information obtained would not identify them personally.

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Screen advertising world association sexual health

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