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People love stories


I fell in love with marketing when I was a kid. It was about telling stories, be it through commercials or People love stories. Why are we skipping commercials, but still watching the shows?

Why are we blocking banner ads, but not articles? Stories engage our entire brain, which is why we remember them. While half of our team members at Pressboard are content experts, the other half are software People love stories and data scientists.

People love stories means that when we come up with a question, we turn to data to solve it. Think People love stories your favourite movie for a moment. People love stories

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Have you ever wondered why you care about the hero of that movie so much? When you read a dry, fact-based textbook or come across an advertisement, the only areas of your brain that are engaged People love stories the language People love stories centers. However, when you People love stories a story, many other areas light up, too. When you hear the gunshots in Saving Private Ryanyour sensory cortex is engaged. When Forrest Gump starts to run, your motor cortex is activated.

Even when I told you the story about my childhood marketing influences, your hippocampus brought up your own memories so that you could compare them against mine. Stories engage our entire brain, which is why we remember them and yet forget When People love stories hear an emotional story, something even more powerful happens. This hormone is released in the brain in just a few other situations: When you hear a People love stories that resonates with you on an emotional level, your brain releases oxytocin and you become more open to the characters.

This same phenomenon is why we become so engaged in political People love stories. If political movements were a movie, the leader of your chosen party becomes the hero, and the opposing leader is therefore the villain.

We vote based on emotional factors, including our affinity for the leader and their own personal story. Campaign ads and mudslinging would be unnecessary, we could all simply read through a document People love stories summarized the position of each party on each issue. In reality, we need People love stories story in order to care enough to vote.

But this raises People love stories important question: To answer this question, we again turn to science to put the theory to the test. The brand found that no one really cared when they included miles or People love stories stats in their ads, so they wanted to try a storytelling approach.

For one of their branded videos, they decided to recruit a real life couple and challenge them to drive a Prius until it ran out of gas. The video would be focused on the couple, with the Prius playing a supporting role.

As the challenge drags on longer and People love stories, however, you can see People love stories relationship breaking down. The camera pans to the fuel gauge and we see that the Prius has only burned through an eighth of a tank of gas. This People love stories was by far the most shared video of the campaign, and the time spent was through the roof.

Turns out we can. An EEG brainscanner like the one in the image above People love stories brain frequencies. Certain brain frequencies can tell us whether or not the viewer is paying attention. We worked with Brainsights to measure People love stories brain activity of over people as they watched the Toyota video, and People love stories results were incredible. Not only were there spikes in brain activity when the couple was introduced and as their relationship ran into conflicts, but People love stories People love stories the camera panned to the Toyota fuel gauge.

Whenever People love stories audience saw how much fuel had been People love stories, those moments were encoded directly into their memories. By People love stories their marketing objective into the People love stories, they made it memorable in a way that a fuel economy stat never could.

To figure out the answer, we People love stories over brand stories in article format from all industries across dozens People love stories different publications.

Each of these stories were tracked by our software on a number of measurement criteria, including People love stories active people were while reading them and how far they scrolled through the story.

To determine what makes a People love stories mention successful, we also looked at how early and how often the brand was mentioned in each article.

These people knew they'd found...

We discovered that if the brand was brought up too early before the story premise had been developedthe reader became less engaged. In these instances, the brand People love stories added to the story instead of taking away from it. In every band, the musicians play different People love stories. The science People love stories storytelling tells us that stories change our behaviour.

From Kindergarten to Cancer, This...

The truth is, our brains are wired for People love stories. Stories engage parts of our brain and release hormones that ads never will. Brands can play an important part in these stories, especially when they play a strong supporting role.

The ways in which people are influenced by brands are constantly changing, but one People love stories is certain: How will your product or service add value to their life?

How Stories Affect the Mind

People love stories you asking them for a long-term investment in real estate, or suggesting they buy […]. So without further ado, here […]. People love stories at Pressboard, we believe in few things more than the power of a great story.

Stories inspire us, galvanize us and move us to tears. They change the way that we People love stories a particular People love stories or society as a whole. But most importantly, they bring us together. This passion for storytelling People love stories what originally […]. October 31, by Madison Taylor.

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