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All product variants are listed below; 30C is the Auran sinapis online dating homeopathic potency or drug strength. The smallest pack size available is pellets which has approx 80 doses pellets make one dose. Arnica Montana is Auran sinapis online dating common house-hold remedy indicated for any type of traumatic injuries.

It also helps in any condition caused by an old injury, results from blow, fall, contusion, traumatic and mechanical injuries or injuries from blunt instruments.

Arnica Montana Auran sinapis online dating a chief remedy Auran sinapis online dating aches and pains caused due to bruises and injuries. There is a sore, lame, bruised feeling all Auran sinapis online dating the affected part. The parts are very much painful and tender to touch. The affected part becomes blue and black with extravasation of blood.

Arnica Montana is also indicated for injury to conjunctiva and retina with extravasation of blood. It is also best remedy for bruised soreness after labour; for soreness of parts and violent after pains.

For best results can be used immediately after fracture. Arnica Montana controls haemorrhage. It re-absorbs extravasation of blood, prevents suppuration Auran sinapis online dating prevents post-partum haemorrhage and puerperal complications.

Arnica Montana is also useful in chronic injuries received years ago, especially concussion of brain. Arnica Montana also has marked action in Auran sinapis online dating rheumatism and lumbago. It is a great muscle tonic. There is ascending type of rheumatism. There is great fear of being touched or struck by persons coming near him.

There is pain in the back and limbs as if bruised or beaten. The patient cannot walk erect on account of bruised pain in the pelvic region.

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Pain is better by lying down. It is also helpful in articular rheumatism due to chronic injury received years ago. The patient is oversensitive to pain. Everything on which the patient lies seems too hard.

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Please refer the dosage instructions given on the product pack or use the product as directed by your physician. This product is to be used for self-limiting conditions. This is a must have for my household. Good price, they heavy plastic bottle with twist lid preferred to keep fresh. Dissolve easily Used for degenerative arthritis, acute injuries and cancer patient to overcome pain not Auran sinapis online dating by pharmaceuticals.

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We carry a large selection of homeopathy remedies in pellet or tablet forms in various pack sizes and homeopathic potencies.

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All single remedies are listed in the Single Auran sinapis online dating category, in addition, you can order Cell Salts,and homeopathic blank pellets and tablets in the Practitioner Supplies section. Over the Counter OTC homeopathic medicine that works naturally No side effects; no drug interactions Can be safely used along with other medications Lactose free pellets dissolve instantly All product Auran sinapis online dating are listed below; 30C is the lowest homeopathic potency or drug strength.

Over the Counter OTC homeopathic medicine that works naturally No side effects; no drug interactions Can be safely used along Auran sinapis online dating other medications Lactose free pellets dissolve instantly Indications: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Ask your question.

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