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Can hazing be a form of sexual harassment


The family of Stuart Kelly are demanding a coronial inquiry into the role they allege severe hazing may have played in his death, as a comprehensive report into sexual assault, harassment and hazing culture at university colleges is released. The Red Zone, a page report released on Monday and produced Can hazing be a form of sexual harassment the action group End Rape on Campus, details decades of institutionalised hazing and misogyny in residential colleges, especially those at the University of Sydney.

Kelly took his own life in July The Kelly family told 60 Minutes in July they suspected their son Can hazing be a form of sexual harassment been targeted by severe hazing and bullying.

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His mother Kathy said: The Red Zone report calls for an independent federal taskforce to investigate hazing and sexual assault in residential colleges.

At the University of Sydney, residential colleges are founded by their own independent acts of parliament, the earliest dating back to This Can hazing be a form of sexual harassment the university has very limited power and oversight over the colleges. The report recommends that the state Can hazing be a form of sexual harassment review these founding acts, and asks that Sydney high schools stop promoting colleges to their students if they have high rates of sexual assault.

Past hazing rituals within the colleges have been well documented, and form the bulk of the report. It also recommended an independent taskforce be set up to investigate residential colleges. In November, the University of Sydney released its own review into its colleges, Can hazing be a form of sexual harassment by the former sex discrimination commissioner Elizabeth Broderick.

It found that one in four women experienced sexual harassment and one in 12 college students had witnessed an actual or attempted sexual assault.

Sexual harassment, hazing or assault...

It says too many student interviews were conducted in group settings rather than individually. One student told the authors: The Red Zone report also criticises both previous reviews for not including behaviour-based questions. Nina Funnell, an investigative journalist who was the lead author on the report, says behaviour-based questions have been shown to provide more accurate figures, usually doubling the rate of reporting.

It is mind-boggling that neither survey conformed to that. She says further reviews should focus on one-on-one interviews and speak to recent alumni, the parents of students and the staff. That kind of defensiveness is instinctive.

Any incidents involving sexual or...

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